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Why? Ask?!!!

There are times when an individual must ask themself, “Why?”. Whether it be about an impulse purchase or a moment of personal growth. That is the power of one word. Its inherit ability to pertain to any context you put it against is the point I am trying to infer.

Take my children for example, they reason with one word, Why. They win arguments with one word, Why. Because in this singular piece of language is something extraordinary. Inflection. When your 3 year old asks why he must pick up his toy, and why to each following response it forces you to break down the very foundation of the question.

The next time you are faced with a question you don’t quite understand. Keep asking why. In doing so you are dissecting the question. I try to use this process in every aspect of life. At work, I am assigned a task. I am given the overall ‘Ask’ and the first thing I must do is ask myself what will it take to accomplish this task and Why? I estimate task X will take 4 hours of effort, Why will it take 4 instead of 3? In asking myself this series of inquiries I actually force myself to justify [internally] the validity of my claim.

So next time you are faced with a question…ask why.

…and yes I was at a bar when I wrote this. Be jealous.